AUB MEPI- Tomorrow’s Leaders Graduate Program (AUB Full Master’s Scholarship)


Last updated on June 21st, 2020

AUB Full Master's Scholarship: overview

The Tomorrow’s Leaders Graduate Program(MEPI-TLG)  is a full scholarship that supports economically disadvantaged students from the MENA region with academic qualifications and leadership skills to pursue their Master’s Degree at the American University of Beirut through an AUB Full Master’s Scholarship. The AUB MEPI-TLG Full Master’s Scholarship has two types of programs depending on nationality and choice of major.

These programs are the following:
1- Policymaking, Gender Studies, and Resource Management (PGRM).
2- Leaders in Data Science (LiDS).

AUB full masters scholarships


Fully funded


Multiple Fields 

Deadline :


AUB MEPI scholarship

  • MEPI-TLG at AUB offers the awarded applicants the following:

    1. Full tuition fees
    2. Housing (on-campus dorms)
    3. Medical insurance
    4. Monthly stipend (600$ USD for meals and living expense)
    5. Laptop
    6. Yearly round-trip ticket from and to your home country
    7. Civic leadership workshops
    8. Expenses for international travel, internships, and conferences
  • Official university transcripts
  • 2 Recommendation letters 
  • English language requirements (upon admission). Proof of language proficiency is only required for submission if you are accepted by the university. The minimum English language requirements are provided to you below however there are some exceptions. Please check the link here for details
      • TOEFL IBT:          97
      • IELTS(Academic):  7.0
      • GRE (Verbal):       147
      • GMAT(verbal):       25
      • AUB ENG (University English Exam): 40
      • GMAT is required for the MBA program. Please note that the MBA program at AUB requires a minimum of 2 years of working experience prior to enrollment.
  • GRE is required for some majors. Click here for details
  • CV
  • 4 Essays describing your leadership and problem addressing skills, research  interests & goals, character formation for positive contribution and your scholarship eligibility. Detailed essay titles can be found in the Online Graduate Application language 

Eligibility for PGRM Program

Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria (residing outside Syria), Tunisia, or Yemen.

U.S. citizens and Green Card holders are not eligible for the program

The available MAster’s Programs for the Policymaking, Gender Studies, and Resource Management (PGRM) Program are the following:

Food Technology MS, Food Safety MS, Nutrition MS,  Rural Community Development MS, Food Security MS, Agricultural Economics MS, Plant Sciences MS, Plant Protection MS, Poultry Science MS, Animal Sciences, Environmental Sciences- Ecosystem Management MS in Environmental Sciences, Political Studies MA, Media Studies MA, Public Administration MA, Public Policy and International Affairs MA, Anthropology MA, Sociology MA, Economics MA, Irrigation MS, Middle East Studies, Environmental Science- Environmental Health MS in environmental sciences, Epidemiology MS, Human Resources Management MA, Business Administration MBA, Finance MS, Business Analytics MS

The awarded applicants are expected to conduct research related to the following topics:

  • Advancing Arab women’s political representation: from research to action
  • Evidence-informed policymaking at the Knowledge to Policy Center at the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Quota, no quota and beyond: Gender role congruency on boards
  • Water-Energy-Food-Health Nexus Renewable Resources Initiative (WEFRAH)


Eligibility for LiDS Program

Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria (residing outside Syria), Tunisia, or Yemen

U.S. citizens and Green Card holders are not eligible for the program

The eligible Master’s programs for the Leaders in Data Science (LiDs) Program are the following:

Computer Science MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering MEN, irrigation MS, Epidemiology MS, Philosophy MA, Archaeology MA, Environmental Sciences- Environmental Health MS in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Sciences- Environmental Technology MS in Environmental Sciences, Business Analytics MS, Biomedical Engineering MS, Chemical Engineering ME, Environmental and Water Resources MEN, Mechanical Engineering MEN, Biomedical Sciences (Biochemistry) MS, Computational Sciences MS

The awarded applicants are expected to conduct research related to the following topics:

  • A machine learning approach to predict the impact of mutations in DNA regulatory regions on transcription factors binding and target genes
  • Applying machine learning to document school and community drivers of children’s unhealthy diets
  • Artificial intelligence for low-cost smart irrigation
  • Automated Arabic question-answering and conversational systems using artificial intelligence
  • Data analysis of change within ancient landscapes and sites of the MENA region using remote sensing techniques
  • Data-driven exploration of fairness of ranking in online marketplaces
  • Gender bias in natural language processing
  • Heavy metal contamination in soils and food crops – detection and assessment using machine learning algorithms based on hyperspectral images
  • Machine Learning (ML) to predict outcomes in patients with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Quantifying temporal trends of gender, racial, and sectarian bias, in Lebanese news media through machine learning and word embeddings
  • Reconstruction of long-term hydrologic data using tree ring chronologies
  • The ethics of artificial intelligence
  • Using artificial intelligence to combat cyberbullying
  • Using data science to develop strategies to maximize solid waste recovery, reuse, and recycling at AUB: DDRE3W-AUB project

A-  Apply for admission through the University online application:

      1. Create an Online Graduate Application and select a program from the MEP-TLG list of eligible majors mentioned above.
      2. Fill the application and upload all required documents.
      3. Go to the “ Financial Opportunities” section, tick the Apply checkbox next to the MEPI-TLG scholarship. Wait for the page to load.
      4. Upload the required documents for the scholarship in pdf format (CV and essays as detailed on the page).
      5. Click “Save” to confirm your changes.
      6. Submit and pay the (50$) application fee for the online application.

B- Upon submission, you will receive an email notification with all the details to complete the AUB MEPI-TLG Financial Aid Application

C- Complete the AUB Graduate Financial Assessment Application.

      1. Access
      2. If you are a new applicant, enter your User ID (Your User ID is your Application Code on the Online Graduate Application) and enter your PIN which is set to your birthdate (MMDDYY) If you are/were an AUB student, enter your AUB ID and AUB SIS code.
      3. Click on “Login” and choose “Student Award and Financial Aid” tab.
      4. Click on “Apply for Student Aid”.
      5. Select the scholarship you are applying to from the dropdown menu and click “Continue”.
      6. Select Aid Year “Academic Year 2020-2021″.
      7. Select Aid Period “Fall” and click “Continue”.
      8. Complete and submit your AUB Graduate Financial Assessment Application.
      9. Click on “Print Application” to print out a hardcopy of your application as you may be required to submit this if you are shortlisted.

The American University of Beirut (AUB) is a prestigious university ranked the  2nd best in the Arab world. AUB has one of the most beautiful campuses around the world located at the heart of Beirut. It offers quality education with a liberal arts approach and provides its students with plenty of opportunities to be civically engaged.


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