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Whether you are looking for beginners or advanced courses in English, the free english courses on the Irish Alison platform will provide you with the opportunity to improve your English regardless of your level. 

The English language courses on the platform are simple, interactive , and can  be accessed using any digital device. Students from different countries of the world can join them and obtain a certified certificate from the platform after completing the course.

These courses contribute to the enhancement of your English in all aspects including writing and speaking, which may help you in preparation for english proficiency exams such  for the IELTS or TOEFL test.

In this Post, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of how to register for the English language courses.



Learn English for free Online

Whether you want to develop your professional speaking skills, improve your vocabulary, or even learn English from scratch,  these customized online courses will help you achieve your goals.

Free English courses  eligibility: 

  • Good internet connection.
  • Access to the platform by creating an account.
  • Must complete all courses and assignments to obtain the certificate.
  • You do not have to have a certain level of language.
  • All countries are eligible to apply.

Benefits of free English courses

The platform has about 60 different courses designed for different personal needs and language levels. The offered courses have the following benefits: 

  • Available on any digital device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet)
  • Simple and fun content that helps you learn English easily.
  • Real-life scenarios/situations to learn day-to-day conversational English
  • Professional staff from the United States of America and the United Kingdom.
  • Online Courses cover all levels.

English learning levels

  1. Introductory level courses (English for beginners)

You will learn to use simple vocabulary and have short conversations.

  1. Beginner level courses

You will be able to understand daily common expressions and phrases and talk about simple topics.

  1. Intermediate level courses

At this level, you will be able to deal with everyday situations and express yourself in English . 

  1. Upper Intermediate Level.

You will be able to have long conversations and read acadamic topics/articles.

  1. Advanced level.

At this level, you will speak the language fluently.  You will have the ability to read complex academic and scientific subjects.

English language skills 

There are 4 basic skills that can be developed in your English learning journey through free English courses: reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

English language online course content

There are about 7 courses for each level. Below are the most important English language learning courses listed for you for each level:

For A1 level  (first level): 

  1. Basics of English language.
  2. Verbs and phrases.
  3. Basic english grammar. 

For A2 level: 

  1. Description of places and things.
  2. Using Englinsh in traveling.
  3. Talking about activities.

For  B1 level: 

  1. Relative sentences.
  2. Intermidate Grammar
  3. Modal verbs.

For B2 level: 

  1. Articles in the English language.
  2. Expressions 
  3. Verbs tenses.

For C1 level:

  1. Discussion and conversation.
  2. Media and news vocabulary
  3. English in action.

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How to register for free English courses

  • Create an account on Alison platform.
  • Activate your account via e-mail.
  • Browse the courses appropriate for your English language level.
  • Join the course.
  • Obtain a certificate from the platform.

After completing the free English courses you have enrolled in, you will be able to obtain an individual certificate for free. 

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