Islamic Development Bank Scholarship | isdb scholarship 2021

The Islamic Development Bank provides full scholarships for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD studies under isdb scholarship programme 2021.

 Students from isdb member countries and students from Islamic societies are eligible to apply.

Islamic Development Bank Scholarships are considered fully funded as they cover all costs during the study period, whether in the student’s home country or in another educational institution within isdb scholarship university list.
Scholarships offered by the Islamic Development Bank aim to develop knowledge relations between member states and Islamic societies around the world and focus on specific disciplines with the aim of achieving sustainable development.

In this article on OPPGATE, we will provide the most important information about isdb scholarship programme 2021.

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isdb scholarship programme 2021

The Islamic Development Bank scholarship process differs from other similar scholarships. The funding the student receives throughout the study period is considered a loan.

The various programs and grants from the Islamic Development Bank are not limited to supporting the student financially. Rather, the program focuses on developing the individual and supporting students economically by offering various opportunities. The program also contributes to the standard of living of the individual in particular, which will positively affect society in general.

There are a number of obligations that students have to fulfill after receiving the scholarship. The student signs a contract with the Islamic Development Bank in which he/she agrees to fulfill all conditions during and after graduation.

Students can apply for the Isdb Scholarship to receive financial funding to either study at university in their countries or receive funding to study abroad.

Obtaining university admission depends entirely on the student, so the student must obtain university admission, whether in a local or in a university abroad.

Conditions vary according to the program, but the student is required to implement the following after graduation:

  • Participate in community development and return to home country after graduation.
  • Part of the financial support will have to be refunded to support other students.
isdb scholarship
Islamic Development Bank

The Islamic Development Bank scholarships offer a number of different fundings for all academic levels (bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate). The bank also provides scholarships for students from developing countries.

IsDB scholarship selection process starts in December of each year and continues for about 9 months. In which the applicants undergo personal interviews, and their files are examined by the body responsible for scholarships in the Islamic development bank. 

isdb scholarship benefits

The recipients of the Islamic Development Bank scholarships 2021 receive a number of benefits throughout their studies, either in their countries or in other universities abroad, some of the IsDB scholarship benefits include:

  1. A monthly stipend that varies according to the country of study.
  2. A full tuition fee coverage. 
  3. Medical Insurance.
  4. Roundtrip airline tickets. 
  5. A settlement allowance is granted to students who study abroad.
  6. Graduation thesis preparation allowance. (For postgraduate students).
  7. Conference participation allowance, books and clothing allowance (for doctoral students)
  8. Allowance for preparing scientific papers (post-doctoral program)

Conditions and obligations of the Islamic development bank scholarship

There are a number of different conditions for each level of study. All applicants must fulfill these conditions in order to be eligible to apply, in addition to obligations determined by the Islamic Bank Authority.

Below are the common requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  1. The student must be a member of the Islamic Development Bank.
  2. The student must not have obtained another scholarship.
  3. Proof of language proficiency (depends on the language of the program).
  4. Translate all documents into English or French.
  5. The student has to choose a major from the specializations specified by the bank.
  6. Be medically fit.
Note: Students who do not belong to the Islamic Development Bank member countries can apply for the scholarship provided that they belong to one of the Muslim communities in non-member countries.

isdb member countries

  1. Saudi Arabia 
  2. Algeria 
  3. Iran 
  4. Egypt 
  5. Turkey
  6. United Arab Emirates 
  7. Kuwait 
  8. Pakistan 
  9. Libya 
  10. Indonesia 

IsDB Scholarship University List

Students who satisfy the above-mentioned conditions can apply for the scholarship either at the universities of their countries or other universities abroad

Students are required to provide a university admission to either one of the top 10 public universities in their home country. Or in the following educational institutions: University of Cambridge, Queen Mary University in London, Oxford in the United Kingdom, McGill University in Canada, Copenhagen University in Denmark, National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent University for Information Technology in Uzbekistan, and the top 10 universities in Malaysia, Turkey, Tunisia, and Morocco.

The student is responsible for providing university admission, whether at a local university or the universities mentioned above.

isdb scholarship for undergraduate students

The Islamic Bank offers fully funded scholarships for undergraduate studies. Students must meet the following conditions to apply for the scholarships. (In addition to the above common ones)

  • To be a high school graduate with a minimum GPA of 70%.
  • University students can also apply as long as they are registered in the top 10 universities in their countries.

Available majors for Bachelor’s degree 

Students can choose one of the following majors for Islamic Development Bank undergraduate scholarship

  • Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Laboratories, Microbiology, Public Health, Nutrition, Health Services Administration, Biomedicine, Medical Technology, Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry, Biology, and Biotechnology.
  •  Engineering: civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, surveying, and urban planning.
  • Agriculture and forestry.
  • Industrial technologies.
  • Physics and Geology
  • Computer science, information and communication technology, and electronics
  • Natural Resources and Marine Sciences
  • Law, Media, Journalism, Political Science, Entrepreneurship and Commerce
  • Economics
  • Statistics, demographic econometrics, and social studies.
  • Education, Psychology, Learning, Education Policy and International Development

What are the obligations of the student towards the Islamic bank after graduation for undergraduate students? 

  • Return to the students’ home countries in case they study abroad after graduation.
  • After graduation and obtaining a job: Covering the tuition fees for the first year of the Master’s degree, and the Islamic Development Bank will cover the fees for the second year of study. Or, cover the cost of the first year of study for another university student from his community.

Islamic Development Bank Masters Scholarship

The Islamic Development Bank offers a number of scholarships to study master’s degrees in several disciplines. Students must fulfill the above-mentioned application conditions.

Master’s programs in Islamic bank scholarships 2021

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Education
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Climate change
  • energy
  • Sustainable cities
  • Responsible growth
  • Waste management
  • Population growth
  • Green chemistry
  • Biodiversity
  • Plastic pollution and microplastics
  • Water and hygiene
  • the health
  • Information and Communication Technology for Development
  • Innovation and infrastructure development
  • Islamic economics, finance, and banking
  • Social sciences related to development

After graduation students must pay back  50% of the total amount spent on their studies, to the educational fund in their countries. 

PhD scholarships and postdoctoral research

The Islamic Development Bank grants funded scholarships for doctoral studies for a period of 3 years and grants for post-doctoral research for a period of one year. In addition to the general conditions above: 

Conditions for joining one of the doctoral programs:

  • Obtaining a master’s degree in one of the majors included in the program.
  • Graduation with a grade of at least “very good”
  • Professional/research experience (preferred).
  • Having a research proposal in one of the fields of study covered by the program.

Conditions for a postdoctoral research program

  • The candidate should have obtained a doctorate degree in one of the approved fields of the program;
  • Having at least a “very good” grade in the PhD.
  • Have a record of publications/research in the same field
  • Having a research proposal in one of the study areas of the program

Doctoral programs majors 

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Education
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Climate change
  • energy  
  • Sustainable cities
  • Responsible growth
  • trash mangment
  • Population growth
  • Green chemistry
  • Biodiversity
  • Plastic pollution and microplastics
  • Water and sanitation
  • the health
  • Information and Communication Technology for Development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Economics, Finance and Islamic Banking
  • Social sciences related to development

How to apply for the Islamic bank scholarship

To apply for the Islamic Development Bank Scholarship 2021, follow these steps:

  • Read the above terms.
  • Make sure the conditions are met.
  • Create an account on the online isdb scholarship portal
  • Upload all required documents and submit the application before the application deadline.

Note: Please be aware that the scholarship provided by the Islamic Development Bank is financial funding for the study. The student must obtain university admission either in his country or in the above-mentioned universities.  

Application dates:

The application starts in December 2020 and ends on February 28, 2021. 

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