IsDB Turkey Scholarships | Islamic Development Bank Joint Scholarships

The Islamic Development Bank announced the launch of a joint program with the Turkish scholarships, (IsDB Turkey Scholarships 2021),  fully funded scholarships in the most prestigious Turkish universities. 

Turkish Burslari scholarship and IsDB scholarships will start a joint program starting from 2021. The scholarships are fully funded and referred to as “IsDB Turkey Scholarships 2021”. The program provides various benefits, including monthly salary,  housing, and health insurance.

All Islamic Bank Scholarship conditions are applied to the joint scholarship program between the Turkish Scholarship and the Islamic Bank scholarships. IsDB Turkey Scholarships will be offered to students from Islamic countries and citizens of the Islamic Bank Member countries.

In this article, we will provide a detailed guide on the Islamic Bank scholarships and Turkish scholarships 2021 and its application process.

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Islamic Development Bank Scholarship and the Turkish Scholarship Program

The Islamic Bank scholarship in Turkey is a joint program with the aim of developing bilateral relations and participating in achieving development goals.

The Turkish government has a different scholarship program with different dates students can apply for. The Islamic Bank, too, has a separate scholarship program referred to as IsDB Scholarships.

 This joint scholarship program is funded by the Islamic Development Bank under the administration of the Turkish scholarship committee.

Below you can find  the official announcement of the joint scholarship between the Turkish scholarship and the IsDB-Türkiye Scholarships

IsDB-Türkiye Scholarships
IsDB-Türkiye Scholarships

IsDB Turkey Scholarships benefits

Students who receive the joint scholarship from Turkey and the Islamic Bank 2021 gets several benefits throughout the study period, which are as follows:

  • Monthly stipend (1800 TL for Bachelor, 2100 TL for Master, 2600 TL for PhD).
  • Health insurance.  
  • Plane tickets.
  • Accommodation expenses.
  • A preparatory course for one year to study the Turkish language.

Note: You can read all the details and conditions of the Islamic Development Bank through the following article for more details about the terms of submission: Islamic Development Bank Scholarship | isdb scholarship 2021 | OPPGATE 

The Turkish scholarship and IsDB scholarship eligibility

  • The student must be a citizen of the member countries of the Islamic Development Bank or belong to one of the Islamic communities in other countries.
  • The student must be medically fit.
  • Must choose one of the available majors.
  • The student must have achieved an average of 70% in the last stage of study and obtain a grade of “very good” for applicants to the doctoral degree.
  • Have a research plan for PhD applicants.

Available programs in the Islamic Bank scholarship in Turkey

Below is a list of available programs for the Turkish scholarship provided by the Islamic Development Bank:

Bachelor Degree 

Graduate Studies

Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Laboratories, Microbiology, Public Health, Nutrition, Health Services Administration, Biomedicine, Medical Technology, Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry, Biology, and Biotechnology.

Sustainable agriculture

 Engineering: civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, surveying, and urban planning.


Agriculture and forestry.

Education for sustainable development

Industrial technologies.

Climate change

Physics and Geology


Computer science, information and communication technology, and electronics

Sustainable cities

Natural Resources and Marine Sciences

Responsible growth

Law, Media, Journalism, Political Science, Entrepreneurship and Commerce

Waste management


Population growth

Statistics, demographic econometrics, and social studies

Green chemistry

Education, Psychology, Learning, Education Policy and International Development



Plastic pollution and microplastics


Water and hygiene




Information and communication technology for development


Innovation and infrastructure development


Islamic economics, finance, and banking


Social sciences related to development

What are the obligations of students after graduation from the Turkey and Islamic Bank scholarships?

Upon graduation, students have to fulfill a number of obligations.

Holders of a bachelor’s degree must return to their home countries after graduation. Students must return part of the financial funding which will be used by the Islamic Development Bank to cover the cost of study expenses for another student in the country to which he/she belongs to. Or, The student can choose to cover the tuition fees for his/her master’s degree for the first year, and the IsDB will fund the second year.

Master’s students must return 50% of the financial funding after graduation in installments.

The language of study in the Islamic Bank scholarship in Turkey

The Turkish language is the language of study available in most Turkish universities, but students can choose to study in English in the available disciplines by proving language proficiency scores such as the TOEFL or IELTS certificate.

Available universities

The available universities for the new joint scholarship have not been determined by the Turkish Scholarship committee yet, but the scholarship administration stated that they will be in the top 10 Turkish universities, which are as follows: 

  1. Middle East Technical University
  2. Istanbul Technical University
  3. Haji Tebbe University
  4. Bogazici University
  5. Istanbul University
  6. Ankara University
  7. Bilkent University
  8. Koç University
  9. Gazi University
  10. Aegean University

Important note: During the application process, there may be other universities not included in the above list. The selection of universities by the scholarship committee depends on the available majors.

Required documents for joint Turkish and IsDB program

To apply for the Turkey and Islamic Bank scholarship, you must have the following documents:

  •  Photograph.
  •  C.V.
  • Copies of graduation certificates and transcripts.
  •  Research proposal for Masters and PhD applicants
  • Volunteer certificates and courses, if available.
  • Recommendation letters.

How to apply for IsDB Turkey Scholarships 2021

Students who are eligible for the Islamic Bank scholarship in Turkey can apply through the official online Turkish scholarship portal by following the below steps:

  • Read the admission information above.
  • Prepare the required documents.
  • Create an account in the Turkish Scholarships Portal.
  • Upload the documents and apply for the Islamic bank scholarship in Turkey.

IsDB and  Turkey  joint Scholarships program  for development was recently launched and this will be the first batch of the program.

On OPPGATE , we will follow official updates made by the scholarship committee and update this article regularly.

Islamic Development Bank scholarship information 2021 Turkey

Below we have collected for you the most frequently asked questions related to the Islamic Development Bank in Turkey 2021.

1- I have applied for the Turkish government scholarship, can I also apply to IsDB Turkey Scholarships?
Yes, students can apply to the Turkish scholarship and the scholarship of the Islamic Bank Turkey, as it is a separate scholarship with separate funding

2- Do I have to attach letters of recommendation for the Islamic bank scholarship program in Turkey?
Applicants do not have to attach letters of recommendation to apply for the Islamic Bank program in Tukey.

3- will my chances of addition be affected if I apply to both scholarships? 
The chances of acceptance are not affected, negatively or positively, as the funding provided is from two different parties. 

4- Does the Islamic Bank Turkey scholarship provide a preparatory year to learn the Turkish language for free?
Since most of the majors are taught in the Turkish language, students who receive the Islamic Development Bank and Turkish scholarships get the opportunity to learn the Turkish language for a year for free.

Application deadlines:

Application starts on March 15, 2021, and ends on April 15, 2021.

Submitted applications will be reviewed until May 2021, and interviews will be held in June and July. Announcement of results: August 2021.