Funded research internship program for graduates and undergraduates in Japan

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The OIST Research Internship Program offered by the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University(OIST) in Japan for undergraduate and graduate students for 2-6 months.

 Throughout this period, research interns will be given the opportunity to gain experiences in labs and learn scientific methods and techniques to conduct research. Interns will be working under the supervision of a Professor at OIST university where they will contribute to the research activities of the university.

There are several faculties and research projects conducted at OIST. The intern is recommended to choose a project depending on his/her academic background or interest.

This Research internship opportunity is fully-funded is awarded twice a year.



Eligibility for the OIST Research Internship Program

Applicants for the scholarship must meet the following eligibilities:

  • Excellent students enrolled in an undergraduate or Masters program at a university.
  • Must have approval from their institution,
  • The academic background of the applicants must be appropriate for the research/faculty they will be working in during their research internship at OIST

Benefits of the OIST Paid Scholarships

  1. Living allowance (approx. $22 per day excluding weekends)
  2. Accommodation on campus or nearby
  3. One direct round trip ticket from and to the applicant’s country of residence
  4. Visa fees
  5. Insurance and other related expenses.


Research Projects available for the OIST research internship program

Applicants for the research program at OIST can work in various projects that are ongoing at the university including physics, biology, mathematics, and much more. For a detailed list of the research projects that are conducted in the university, check the available Faculty & Project for Hosting Research Internship Program.

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Required Documents for research internships for undergraduates and graduates?

Applicants for the OIST research internship program must have the following documents in English:
  1. CV .
  2. Statement of interest (400 words  expressing your desired research field and your goals for completing the internship at OIST)
  3. Academic Transcript ( official or unofficial – in pdf format)
  4. Recommendation letter from an academic or research professional (submitted by the referee himself/herself through the online application)
  5. ID Photo ( a recent photo in JPG format, and less than 5 MB)

How to Apply for the research internship program for undergraduates and graduates?

Once you have prepared all the above-required documents, follow the below steps

  1. Go to the Online Application Form
  2. Create a new account. Be sure to remember your username and password.
  3. Fill in the online application. You can complete the application all at once or in multiple sessions.
  4. 4- Submit all the required documents mentioned above.
  5. Enter the details of at least one recommender. You can only submit the online application after at least one recommendation letter has been submitted by the recommender.
  6. You can then submit your online application. You will receive a verification email upon your submission.
  7. Results will be sent through emails by the approximate notification date which is about 3 months after the submission of the online application.
OIST internship deadline:

The deadline for the application for the OIST research internship program depends on when you plan to start your research internship program.

Follow the below dates and make sure to submit all the required documents along with the application by the deadline.

Deadline for OIST research Internship program
Deadline for OIST research Internship program

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