TOEFL IBT Home edition exam: Can I take TOEFL test at home?

Can I take Toefl test at home?

As a result of the ongoing Pandemic,  ETS has now made the TOEFL IBT exam available online at home through the TOEFL IBT home edition.

If You have deadlines for scholarship applications approaching and you need to submit your TOEFL IBT exam score,  the TOEFL IBT special home edition might be a safe and convenient option for you.

How is the TOEFL IBT home edition held?

You can now take the TOEFL IBT special home edition if you are anywhere in the world where TOEFL IBT is normally available except for Mainland China and Iran.

Both IELTS and TOEFL are widely accepted nowadays by many institutions. However, some universities might accept only one or prefer one over the other. Therefore, it is better to check the university’s requirements as a start.


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The TOEFL IBT special home edition exam will be held on your computer at home. You have to ensure that your computer meets the technical requirements provided by ETS here.

You will be proctored throughout the exam online using an online proctoring tool ProctorU.

The TOEFL IBT special home edition is identical to the regular TOEFL IBT taken in test centers with the same structure, length, scores, and so on.

The test is completely reliable, valid, and is accepted by all institutions.

You can register for the TOEFL special edition by creating an account on the ETS website where you can find information on available test dates.

After you register on ETS and pay the fee, you will be sent an email on how to register for ProctorU.

TOEFL IBT special home edition test fee

The TOEFL IBT special home edition price is the same as the normal TOEFL IBT’s which depends on your country of residence.

When Can I take TOEFL test at home?

it is available 4 days a week till September 30, 2020.

The TOEFL IBT  special home edition is a convenient and valid alternative for people during such times. It is accepted by universities and institutions around the world as it is the same exam as the normal TOEFL IBT exam held in test centers.