Qatar University Scholarship 2022 (International Students)

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International students can apply for the Qatar university scholarship 2022 using the university’s online admissions portal during the first or second semester.

Qatar University provides Qatari and international students with a variety of undergraduate and graduate scholarships annually. Qatar University is located in Doha, the country’s capital, and is regarded as one of the top public higher education institutions. There is an article on OPPGATE titled “Best Scholarships in Qatar 2022,” and the  Qatar government scholarship are listed as one of the top options.

Some partial scholarships are also available at Qatar University. All scholarships at Qatar University are fully funded and cover tuition expenses for most degrees, including medicine and engineering.

OPPGATE platform has prepared a full overview on this opportunity, including the application requirements for the Qatar University Scholarship 2022.

Qatar university scholarship 2022

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Admission Scholarship

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Qatar Government Scholarship Overview

In this part, we will present a quick overview of the Qatar government scholarship, namely the Qatar government scholarship 2022.

Qatar University offers a variety of fully funded and partially funded scholarships to international students.

International (non-Qatari) students are also eligible to apply for scholarships. The most important of these scholarships are referred to as admission scholarships for international students.

qatar government scholarship
Qatar university Campus

Prior to submitting an application for the Qatar University Scholarship 2022 for international students, the following information is critical:

  1. The Qatar University scholarship encompasses human medicine, pharmacy, and other engineering and literary areas.
  2.  The scholarship income is just 500 riyals each month.
  3.  The student must have graduated with honors from high school (95% average or higher).
  4.  There is no separate scholarship application. The application for university admission includes the scholarship application.
  5. The institution charges an application fee, which is a price for examining the paperwork.
  6.  Qatar Public University’s yearly free scholarships in Qatar include free housing and transportation.
  7. In prior years, the Qatar University scholarship did not include a monthly stipend; instead, only additional perks were provided.
  8. International students are needed to ship the relevant paperwork and papers to the university.

International Students Admission At Qatar University

The requirements for admission and registration at Qatar University for non-Qataris to receive full scholarships in Qatar in 2022 are explained below. Admissions competitiveness is mostly determined by the student’s high school grade point average.

  1. The student must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  2. Obtaining at least a 95% average in high school.
  3. Meeting the requirements for the program for which the student intends to apply.
  4.  A personal statement (medicine specialization only).
  5. Submitting English language proficiency certifications, such as TOEFL and IELTS, or international examinations, such as the SAT, is optional, but increases the student’s chance of admission.
  6. Some applicants may be subject to an interview.
  7. The student must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 75% in order to continue the scholarship.
  8. Submitting a copy of the certificates.

The requirements for registration at Qatar University for non-Qataris to receive the scholarship have been outlined previously; these conditions apply exclusively to international students who intend to apply for the scholarship.

Important note: Certain majors require an English language certificate or other certifications, such as the SAT; therefore, please check the page for each major on the Qatar University website.

Placement test

A student must demonstrate proficiency in English and mathematics in order to be admitted to a university. The test is given at Qatar University once students have been formally admitted. If a student does not have the necessary academic background, they may enroll in a preparatory program that lasts for one academic year.

Required documents For admission

Required documents for the Qatar University Scholarship 2022 application are:

  1. Complete the application for university registration.
  2. Diploma and transcript from high school
  3. Medical examination (can be delivered later after getting admission).
  4. A passport for students from outside Qatar.
  5. Results of international examinations (if available)
  6. Photograph.

Qatar University majors for bachelors

Below is a list of the programs that students can apply for at Qatar University 2022. International applicants seeking Full scholarships in Qatar are limited to seven options.

  1. Medicine.
  2. Dentistry.
  3. Pharmacy.
  4. Biomedical sciences.
  5. Public Health.
  6. Arabic language and its literature.
  7. Biology.
  8. Nutrition.
  9. Natural therapy.
  10. English Literature and Linguistics.
  11. Environmental Sciences.
  12. History
  13. International Affairs.
  14. Media.
  15. Math.
  16. Policy, planning and development.
  17. Psychology.
  18. Social Service.
  19. Sociology.
  20. Sports Science.
  21. Statistics.
  22. Accounting.
  23. Finance.
  24. Economics.
  25. Administration.
  26. Marketing.
  27. Management information systems.
  28. Law.
  29. Bachelor of Education.
  30. Engineering.
  31. Chemical Engineering.
  32. Civil Engineering.
  33. Computer Engineering.
  34. Computer Science.
  35. Electrical engineering.
  36. Industrial and systems engineering.
  37. Mechanical engineering.
  38. Quran and Sunnah.
  39. Fiqh and its foundations.
  40. Islamic studies.

Qatar University Scholarship for Masters and PhD

Qatar government scholarship does not currently provide full master’s and doctoral scholarships in Qatar for all disciplines. The university provides a diploma in education scholarship, which is equivalent to a College of Education master’s degree. There are, however, free fully funded scholarships available in Qatar through various international agreements; candidates are nominated through various embassies or institutions.

Qatar scholarship 2022
Qatar university library

These are the postgraduate programs available:

  • Diploma in Primary Education.
  • Diploma of Secondary Education.
  • Diploma in Special Education.

The following requirements must be met by applicants for Qatar University Scholarships for Graduate Studies Diploma Programs in the College of Education:

  • A minimum undergraduate GPA of 2, or 2.8 for the pharmacy major.
  • Pass the content knowledge examination for the subjects.
  • A minimum of 5 on the IELTS (Academic) or 45 on the TOEFL iBT is required ( for English Concentration applicants only ).
  • Fulfilling any further specialized requirements.

The required documents

  1. In addition to the above-mentioned documents required to apply for a bachelor’s degree, candidates must provide the following documents.
  2. Online admissions application.
  3. Official graduation statement.
  4. Final, official, and authorized transcripts.
  5. As per Qatar University policy, a TOEFL or IELTS certificate or equivalent evidence of English language competency is required.
  6. A copy of the applicant’s Qatari ID card.
  7. Two photographs.

PhD admission requirements

  • A Master’s degree GPA of at least 3.00, or 2.8 for pharmacy major.
  • International examination (GRE, GMAT) if required by the intended major.
  • Those whose university studies were conducted in a language other than English must provide evidence of English competence.
  • Additional entrance standards must be fulfilled by applicants

Benefits of Qatar University Scholarship 2022

Qatar University provides a variety of scholarships. At the university, both Qatari and international students can apply for scholarships. Here are the categories of Qatar University scholarships for non-Qataris in 2022, as well as their associated benefits.

Local and international scholarships 

The first type consists of grants awarded to Qatari students . This award offers a waiver of tuition and book expenses.

The second type consists of external scholarships granted to international students and consisting of tuition and book fee waivers, free accommodation, and annual transportation to and from the student’s home country.

Other scholarships offered by Qatar University exclude tuition expenses, such as the “His Highness the Amir Scholarship for Academic Excellence” and the “Distinguished Performance” scholarship.

Is a monthly stipend included with the Qatar University scholarship?

Yes, Qatar University scholarships award eligible students with a monthly stipend of around 500 Qatari riyals.

How to apply for qatar university scholarship

Students who intend to apply for the Qatar Scholarship must study the aforementioned requirements and, if they are satisfied, proceed with the processes below.

  • If the documents are written in a language other than Arabic or English, they should be translated.
  • Create an account on the online admissions site for Qatar University.
  • Complete the application for university enrollment.
  • Pay the fee.
  • Send documents to Qatar.
  • No additional application is required for the scholarship. You may apply for scholarships by applying for an admission  at Qatar University using the online admissions portal.
  • Before the application deadline, international students must send an original copy of their high school transcript and other required papers to the university’s address.
Qatar University Address
Admission management
Qatar University
P.O. Box 2713 Doha, Qatar
Admission Application Fee for Qatar University is non-refundable. Candidates for a bachelor’s degree must pay 200 Qatari riyals, while applicants for postgraduate studies must pay 350 Qatari riyals.
The university’s fees are paid through the online application system.

NOTICE: OPPGATE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS WITH THIRD PARTIES. Qatar University requests an application fee, which is paid through the university’s website. OPPGATE platform has nothing to do with the application registration fees. Before submitting an application to Qatar University and paying the associated fees, please ensure that you satisfy the application requirements. (The registration fee is non-refundable regardless of whether the applicant’s registration is granted or denied.)

If you do not satisfy the requirements for the above scholarship, you may check the list of Qatari scholarships below: Hamad Bin Khalifa University Scholarship for International students

Application dates for Qatar University

Dates for applications to Qatar University The application period for international Qatar University scholarships begins on March 27, 2022 and ends on April 7, 2022. The announcement of the results is expected for May 24, 2022.


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