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 Qatar University scholarship is a merit-based scholarship provided for international students who wish to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Qatar. Applicants can apply for  Qatar University scholarship 2021 through the university’s online admission portal in both spring and winter semesters 

Qatar University offers a number of scholarships annually for both Qatari and non-Qatari students. All scholarships at Qatar University cover tuition fees and others have additional benefits such as accommodation and transportation. 

International students may choose from a wide range of available programs including medical and engineering majors.

OPPGATE has prepared a detailed guide on Qatar University scholarship 2021 application.


Fully funded 

Entry requirements for Qatar University Bachelor's degree scholarships

 The table below includes the minimum high school scores accepted by Qatar University for each Program.

ProgramHigh school score
Medicine and dentistry85%
Other disciplines%70
Engineering and Health Sciences%70
Scientific majors at the College of Arts and Sciences%70
  •  a letter of motivation ( medicine program only).
  • Providing English language proficiency certificates such as TOEFL and IELTS or international tests such as the SAT is optional, but it increases the student’s chances of acceptance.
  • Some applicants may be interviewed by the admission committee. 

Placement test:
Students must pass a placement test in English and mathematics courses. The test is taken at Qatar University after obtaining the official acceptance from the university. In the event that the student is unable to obtain the required score, students study a foundation program for one year.

Please visit the “Admission requirements” page on the official university website to view further details and cases of exception to some of the conditions.

Documents required to apply for Qatar University Scholarship 2021

  1. A filled registration form. 
  2. High school diploma and transcript.
  3. Medical examination (can be submitted at a later time).
  4. Personal identification and passport for non-Qatari students.
  5. International examination results (optional).
  6. Photograph

Admission requirements to Qatar University for Masters and PhD degrees

Applicants for Qatar University Postgraduate Scholarships must fulfill the following conditions:

PhD admission requirements

  • A GPA of at least 3.00 in the Master’s degree, or 2.8 for pharmacy major.
  • International test (GRE, GMAT) if requested by the major you intend to apply for.
  • Proof of English language proficiency for those whose university studies were in a language other than English.
  • Applicants must satisfy additional specific admission requirements.

Masters admission requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree graduates with a GPA of no less than 2.80
  • Fulfill the minimum English language requirements.

Required Documents 

In addition to the documents required to apply for the bachelor’s degree mentioned above, applicants must submit the following documents.

  • Research proposal (about 1500 words)
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members or employers.
  • CV.

Qatar scholarships for international students benefits

Qatar University offers a number of different scholarships. Qatari and international students are eligible to apply. 

First, competitive scholarships

Qatar University Scholarships 2021

 The first type: are the Scholarships offered to students residing in Qatar (internal scholarships), the scholarship covers tuition and book fees.

The second type: are external scholarships that are offered to international students which includes exemption from tuition and book fees, housing, annual tickets to and from the country of the residence.

Qatar University offers other scholarships that include exemption from tuition fees, such as the “ the Emir of Qatar’s Scholarships” and “Outstanding Performance” scholarships.

qatar scholarship 2021
Qatar university library

How to apply for Qatar University Scholarship 2021

If the applicants for Qatar scholarships meet the conditions mentioned above, the following steps must be followed:

  • Translate documents into Arabic or English.
  • Scan all required documents.
  • Create an account on Qatar University’s online admission portal.
  • Fill out the university application form. 
  • Pay the application fee.

Important note:
There is no separate scholarship application. You can apply to the scholarships through the online admission portal.

Application fees are non-refundable. Bachelor’s degree applicants must pay 200 Qatari riyals, and postgraduate applicants must pay 350 Qatari riyals. Fees are paid to a Qatar university via the online application system.

If you do not meet the scholarship conditions, you can view other opportunities from: 


Application deadline:

Bachelor’s degree – Spring semester 2021

The application starts on 11 October 2020 and ends 3 November 2020

Postgraduate Studies – Spring Semester 2021

The Application starts on 20 September 2020 and ends on 22 October 2020

Postgraduate Studies – Fall 2021 semester

The application starts on November 22, 2020, and ends on February 22, 2021.

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