Online Courses

WHO free online courses

WHO Free Online Courses with certificates

You can now register for WHO online courses and enroll for free in courses related to health, medicine, and emergencies. Students will obtain a WHO certificate after successfully attending the course.

imf online course

Free Online Courses From The International Monetary Fund

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is offering free online courses in finance and economics funded by the Japanese government.
The IMF courses held on edX platform are offered in more than one language, including English, French, and Spanish.

Free online Excel courses

Free Online Excel Courses For Beginners

Coursera is offering free online Excel courses for beginners for a limited time. In this course, you will learn the basics of the Excel program for six weeks. The platform offers a limited time offer to join the training course for free.

After completing the training course, you will be able to create spreadsheets and perform the basic tasks of the program. At the end of the course, you can also pay to obtain a certificate.

free online java course

Free Online Java Course for Beginners

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is offering a free online introductory course in Java programming language through the edX platform. Java is among the most popular programming language and highly favored by many developers. The course is for beginners and will offer the basics of Java programming language.

OPPGATE platform share with you all details regarding this opportunity. 

Online Turkish Course

Free Online Turkish Courses from Anadolu University

Anadolu University in Turkey has launched free online courses to learn Turkish through the “Learn Turkish” platform of the university. 

The online Turkish courses are available in multiple languages including English and Arabic and are offered for all levels;  beginner, intermediate, and Advanced.

This initiative is to encourage foreigners to learn the Turkish language.

Free Photoshop course

Free photoshop Online Course for beginners with certificates

if you are looking to develop your soft skills in editing and digital marketing you can enroll in a Free photoshop Course online from eduCBA platform.

The student gets unlimited free access to the contents of the free Photoshop course after registration, and all students receive a free certificate approved by the platform.

Free online business Course

Free Online Business Course with Certificates

King’s College London is providing a free online business course through FutureLearn Platform.

The online course is titled “Introduction to Business Management” and aims to provide the participants with life and practical management skills.

دورات جوجل المجانية

Free Online Courses on Google Digital Garage

Google is offering online courses in the areas of programming, digital marketing, and business management through its online platform known as “Google Digital Garage”. They are among the most distinguished courses offered by Google in cooperation with other well-known platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, and others.
The online courses are available in English, and some are offered in Arabic as well. Upon completion of the course, you can get a certificate some of which are free and others are paid depending on the course.
OPPGATE shares details about the Google courses and how to register for them.

TOEFL IBT Preparation Course

Free Online TOEFL IBT Preparation Course

Udemy Online Learning Platform is offering a free TOEFL IBT preparation course. The platform also offers a paid course where you can get access to additional content and services such as a certificate and direct contact with the instructor.