Chevening scholarship for Masters

Chevening Scholarship 2022 For Masters in the UK

Fully funded Masters scholarships 2022 in U.k. funded by Chevening scholarship. All you need to know about the most famous scholarship in U.k. including Chevening application dates, deadline,s and eligible countries

English language scholarship

English Language Scholarship 2021

The English language scholarship program is offered via a series of intensive courses and lasts more than a year and a half and is suitable for students who want to learn English and obtain a free TOEFL or IELTS certificate.

SBW Berlin Scholarship germany

SBW Berlin Scholarship

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2021 aims to support young and motivated students from developing countries to study in Germany. Talented students who are actively engaged in social activities who are committed to returning to their home countries upon graduation to contribute to the betterment of their communities, particularly in the education sector are encouraged to apply.

Abu Dhabi University Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Abu Dhabi University scholarships are Full tuition Scholarships offered for students admitted at Abu Dhabi University in UAE. There are two different scholarships that tuition fees 100% that have different conditions and eligibility requirements.

MEXT scholarship for Pakistani students

MEXT Scholarship for Pakistani Students in japan

MEXT scholarship for Pakistani students also referred to as japan scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship in Japan to obtain a postgraduate degree (Masters or PhD) at a Japanese University. This scholarship is part of the Government(MEXT) Scholarship Program.

turkish scholarships

Turkish Government Scholarships 2021

The Turkish scholarships 2021 are one of the most popular government scholarships. Thousands of international students from different countries apply for it