fully funded undergraduate scholarships

Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships

In this category, you can find fully funded undergraduate scholarships 2022. There are hundreds of fully funded scholarships for bachelor’s degrees that you can apply for.

The scholarships provided to you in this section are fully funded scholarships for bachelor’s degrees for international students from different countries. The Scholarships are offered provided by various institutions and governments and it includes tuition fees, accommodation, monthly throughout the study period.

Full scholarships for undergraduate studies 2022

Recently, the number of students looking for  fully funded scholarships for bachelor’s degree  has witnessed a sharp increase as a result of the increase in popularity of many fully funded scholarships for international students month wide such as the Turkish government scholarship, Islamic Development Bank scholarship, Russian Government Scholarships, Oxford scholarships and many more

Fully funded bachelors scholarships 

Apply now to the full scholarships for undergraduate studies 2022 and live the experience of studying abroad and study abroad as an international student. Browse the fully funded scholarships offered below and begin your search for discovering bachelor’s scholarships for international students around the world. You can use the search tool below to search for a specific scholarship or to find existing scholarships.

SBW Berlin Scholarship germany

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022 in Germany – Bachelors and Masters

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022 iaims to support young and motivated students from developing countries to study in Germany. Talented students who are actively engaged in social activities who are committed to returning to their home countries upon graduation to contribute to the betterment of their communities, particularly in the education sector are encouraged to apply.

abu dhabi university scholarships

Abu Dhabi University Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Abu Dhabi University scholarships are Full tuition Scholarships offered for students admitted at Abu Dhabi University in UAE. There are two different scholarships that tuition fees 100% that have different conditions and eligibility requirements.

Oxford University Full Scholarship for Undergraduate Studies

Reach Oxford University Scholarships is a full scholarship for students from low-income countries who are economically disadvantaged to pursue an undergraduate degree at Oxford University.
Oxford university has many undergraduate programs such as engineering, natural sciences, business, humanities, and more. It is one of the most prestigious universities worldwide with a high-quality education.
The reach oxford university scholarships for international students is highly competitive with 2-3 scholarships to be awarded this year. Read the application guide on OPPGATE below to know more details about the scholarship application.

turkish scholarships

Turkish Government Scholarships 2022

The Turkish scholarships 2021 are one of the most popular government scholarships. Thousands of international students from different countries apply for it

Hungary government scholarships

Hungary government scholarships 2022

Hungary government scholarship 2022 is one of the most popular Fully Funded Government Scholarships for Bachelor’s, Masters, and Ph.D. studies.

KNB scholarship

Indonesian government KNB scholarship 2021

The Indonesian scholarship is offered to international students from developing countries to support students who are unable to study abroad at their own expense.

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What are the benefits for a student who wins a free fully-funded Bachelor’s Scholarship?

International Students who obtain free bachelor’s scholarships 2022 enjoy a number of benefits, which vary between financial, logistical and direct financing. Scholarships generally provide the following benefits:

  1. Waiver of 100% university tuition expenses.
  2. Health insurance for the length of the study.
  3. Free housing or financial housing allowance.
  4. Travel tickets to and from the student’s country of residence.
  5. Monthly stipend.

Important note: Scholarship benefits at the bachelor level vary one scholarship to the other.