Free Online Courses From The International Monetary Fund

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is offering free IMF online courses in finance and economics funded by the Japanese government.
The IMF online courses held on the edX platform are offered in more than one language, including  English, French, and Spanish. The courses cover various topics on macroeconomic analysis, monetary and financial policy, and more. 

These courses are considered a golden opportunity for economics, business administration, statistics, and banking sciences students. OPPGATE  shares with you details on how to join the IMF online courses. 

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IMF Online Courses Topics

The International Monetary Fund offers various courses in economics and finance, the following list contains all the courses offered:

Courses offered in English:

  1. Financial Development and Financial Inclusion
  2. Foundations of Central Bank Law
  3. Public Sector Debt Statistics
  4. Macroeconomic Diagnostics
  5. Financial Programming and Policies, Part 1: Macroeconomic Accounts & Analysis
  6. Financial Programming and Policies, Part 2: Program Design
  7. Financial Market Analysis
  8. Macroeconometric Forecasting
  9. Public Financial Management
  10. Financial Programming and Policies, Part 1: Macroeconomic Accounts & Analysis
  11. RA-GAP VAT Gap Estimation Model
  12. Monetary Policy Analysis and Forecasting
  13. Compilation Basics for Macroeconomic Statistics

Courses offered in France:

  1. Viabilité et gestion de la dette des pays à faible revenue.
  2. Gestion macroéconomique dans les pays riches en ressources naturelles

All nationalities are eligible to join the IMF courses online, but some courses may require prior background on the respective topic.

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Requirements to join the IMF edX course

An account must be created on the edX platform to attend training courses from the International Monetary Fund for free. Having the  following is recommended:

  • Good internet connection.
  •  Previous knowledge of the course topics.

The duration of the courses offered varies from 4 to 7 weeks, with an average of 4 hours per week.

Currently, the courses are offered for free. Upon completion of the course, participants can obtain a certificate for a small fee (optional). IMF does not offer free certificates currently.

How to register for the IMF online courses for free?

To register, create a free account on the edX platform and verify the account through the activation link sent to you in the email. 

After activating the account, go to the list of courses page, and choose the course you want to attend. All official links are attached below.

When does the online course start?

The course contents are recorded. You can start learning immediately after registration. You can also enter the course’s topics at any time. 

What is the International Monetary Fund?

International Monetary Fund(IMF) is an international organization that aims to promote monetary cooperation among countries and facilitate global trade. The International Monetary Fund seeks to support governments and central banks by providing economic advice and financial loans to developing countries.

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What is Edx?

The edX platform, visited by about 10 million people monthly, offers hundreds of courses in various fields from leading universities around the world. Universities like MIT and Harvard also provide official certificates upon completion of their courses where you can include these certificates in your CV. 

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