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King’s College London is providing a free online business course through FutureLearn Platform.

The online course is titled “Introduction to Business Management” and aims to provide the participants with life and practical management skills. It will help you develop skills that can be applied in professional and academic aspects and provide you with an opportunity to enhance your professional communication and leadership skills.

All course participants receive free official Certificates in business administration upon completion of the course. 



Benefits of online business courses

Course participants will receive several benefits including: 

  • Access to a free online business course.
  • Participants have the flexibility of choosing the course time.
  • free PDF accredited certificate in Business Administration from King’s College London.
  • Developing a set of important skills in management science.
  • Using and applying business concepts in management.
  • Learning about the following aspects in management: money management, people management, information management, and self-management.

Participants’ Reviews:

Online Business Course

Introduction to Business Management course topics

  1. An introduction to management and leadership.
  2. Sources of funding and money management.
  3. Managing people and business stakeholders.
  4. Information management.
  5. The role of companies in development. 

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Online Course registration requirements

  • Those wishing to join the free online business course should have a good internet connection and an average knowledge of the English language

    Participants are not required to have any prior background in business administration.

How to enroll in a free business course?

You can join the course by creating an account on the FutureLearn educational platform, then go to the course page and choose a suitable start date.

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The course is available at various times throughout the year.

Duration of the course:
4 weeks, 4 hours per week

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