Free Online Turkish Courses from Anadolu University

Anadolu University in Turkey has launched free online courses to learn Turkish through the “Learn Turkish” platform of the university. 

The online Turkish courses are available in multiple languages including English and Arabic and are offered for all levels;  beginner, intermediate, and Advanced.

This initiative is to encourage foreigners to learn the Turkish language.

The online courses are free and are offered in English, Turkish, and Arabic.

The learning platform at Anadolu University has just been modified, thus the explanation in the video below may no longer be accurate. However, the registration process for free online Turkish language classes did not change significantly.

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Free Turkish Online Course

Online Turkish language courses at Anadolu University feature a range of levels, from A1 to C, through which students acquire Turkish grammar.

  1. The course material is offered in several formats and includes:
  2. Through the use of animation and interactive apps, there are e-lessons.
  3. Educators of the Turkish language have produced a huge number of video lessons, which may be accessible via YouTube or the Anadolu University website.
  4. The portal delivers downloadable instructional audio and text files to improve listening and writing abilities.
  5. Games: Through the platform’s interactive games, you may learn a large number of Turkish terms used in everyday discussions.

What is the importance of learning the Turkish language?

It is commonly believed that learning a second language helps extend your perspective on the world and help you better comprehend various cultures and appreciate individual differences.

There are several reasons to study Turkish. One of these may be that Turkish is one of the 15 most frequently spoken languages in the world, being spoken by more than 75 million people. Add to this the day-to-day expansion of company prospects.

In addition, studying Turkish may boost your chances of being awarded Turkish government scholarships and help you obtain fully supported scholarships in Turkey.

Who is eligible to join the course

 All nationalities can register for the free online courses on the “Learn Turkish” platform or through the platform’s official YouTube channel.

Course Entry Criteria

The prerequisite for Turkish language training for beginners is no prior knowledge of the Turkish language. For smooth course participation, the student must have a reliable Internet connection, and the use of a computer is preferred.

Cost of a Turkish language course.

Anadolu Institution, a public university in Turkey, offers all Turkish language course materials for free.

You may study the Turkish language for free from beginner to expert level, and you can also enroll in advanced courses. All application information and official links are available here.

Turkish Course Online University

Listed below is a sample lesson plan from Anadolu University’s Turkish language course.

One of 47 available videos to help you learn Turkish with an English explanation, the one below focuses on pronouns in the language.

The lectures are introduced by a native Turkish speaker and professor at Turkey’s Anadolu University.

From the Anadolu University’s study Turkish platform channel on YouTube, you may watch all of the videos of Turkish language classes online for free.

Learn Turkish Online Free Registration

To enroll in the Turkish language course at no cost, visit the “Learn Turkish” platform’s official website (linked above) and register by hand, providing your email address and other details as prompted.

You can also use one of the other, faster registration methods, such logging in using your Facebook credentials.

Turkish language classes are available in the languages mentioned in the upper right of the image below. 

A confirmation email will be sent to the address you provide during registration.

All of the materials for the Turkish classes are also available in Arabic through a series of films on the school’s playlist.

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