Free Online Excel Courses For Beginners

Coursera is offering free online Excel courses for beginners for a limited time. In this course, you will learn the basics of the Excel program for six weeks. The platform offers a limited time offer to join the training course for free.

After completing the training course, you will be able to create spreadsheets and perform the basic tasks of the program. At the end of the course, you can also pay to obtain a certificate.

In this opportunity, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of how to register for free online Excel courses.

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Free Online Excel Courses With Certificates

This course is for those who do not have a previous background in Excel and want to start learning Excel program from the beginning.

After completing the Excel course, you are expected to learn the following:

  • Basic skills of Excel program.
  • Using Microsoft Excel interface.
  • Perform basic calculations and use functions.
  • Format spreadsheets and create graphs.

Note: this course is considered an essential base for Advanced excel proficiency.

Duration of the free excel training
The training will last for 6 weeks and approximately 26 hours.

Course language 
The course contents were recorded in English, but the site provides translation of all course contents into a few languages, including French. 

What Will I Learn in the Free Excel Training?

During the free online Excel course, one topic will be covered each week as follows 

  1. Excel  Basics: This includes running the program, getting familiar with the Excel interface, and the fixes used.
  2. Arithmetic operations:  You will learn how to write, enter, and apply arithmetic functions.
  3. Coordinating tables Formatting:  one of the most important steps in graphic reporting. You will learn how to format fonts and tables.
  4. Data 
    You will learn how to deal with various data and search for it in the spreadsheet program.
  5. Printing in Excel
    Printing in Excel differs from other programs in that you have to change the page settings.
  6. Excel Charts 
    You will learn to visually display and edit data in Excel.

Free Excel courses Level

The Excel training course is offered for beginners, as this course is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about Microsoft Excel. No previous experience with Excel required. 

Content Delivery Methods

There are 3 different methods to learn Excel on the Coursera platform.

  • Recorded videos:
    The platform recorded a number of different videos for each lesson. 
  • Written summaries:
    In addition to the recorded videos, you can read summaries of each lesson.
  • Short Quizzes:
    These tests will help you in the practical application of training on various tasks in the Excel program.

free online excel courses for beginners instructor

The Excel course is offered with the support of the Australian Macquarie University, and Macquarie is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The contents of the Excel course are supervised by Associate Professor Yvonne Breyer, an award-winning academic in the field of online learning and digital transformation.

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How to register for an excel course?

  • Create an account on the Coursera platform.
  • Activate your account by e-mail.
  • Go to the course page under the title: “Excel Skills for Business: Basic Principles: 
  • Click on Go To Course.

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